We have organized moves many times over the years and have gained experience and wisdom of this colossal task.

Moving to a new house can be a very confusing time for new owners, often people focus on the most obvious tasks, omitting or not realizing the importance of small details.

Each person is different and the priorities tend to focus on what is believed to be important. The smallest details of a move and some of the tasks of the transfer are forgotten or do not receive the attention they should, with the consequent problem or stress that can occur when we realize that we are doing wrong.

When you start thinking about a move, you can set up a schema and 2 task lists, the list of physical items that you will have to buy to make the move, as well as a list of pending tasks. These lists will provide you with accurate information about the tasks and processes that are left for the end, just before the day of the move and help you remember the important elements that have to be prepared ahead of time and be ready for the crucial day.

Here is a list of some of the elements that you will need for the move:

  1. Boxes

    You can buy them in a moving store or find them behind the department stores. You will need several sizes and types of boxes for moving: small, medium, large and various types of materials such as cardboard and plastic.

  2. Packing materials

    Such materials as newspaper, bubble wrap, towels materials are used for the transportation of small fragile objects such as plates and provide a cushioning in case of impact.

    On the other hand we will also need packing tape to seal the boxes, it provides a sufficient blocking so that the boxes do not open during transportation.

  3. Ropes

    It’s preferable to use this material for several reasons, to keep safe the heavier boxes and thus prevent them from opening or breaking. Also, it is good to tie boxes together inside the truck, in this way we will prevent them from moving inside.

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