Moving house can be a really busy and stressful time. Planning is a really important aspect of moving and can help eliminate some of the stress and ensure everything goes well on moving day.

When it comes to planning consider the following as a guide to what to do before moving day.

1. Make a Checklist

There is so much to do and often the little things get forgotten. Make a list of everything that needs to be done prior to moving. As you think of new things add them to the list.

2. De-Clutter

Moving is a great time to de-clutter and donate anything you don’t want or need. This will make your packing easier and eliminate the need to find space for it in your new home.

3. Find a Removalist

When choosing a removalist, be sure to obtain 3 quotes and remember that a low hourly rate doesn’t always mean the move will end up being cheaper overall, especially if a cheaper company ends up taking longer and causing damage to your items. Be sure to check their online reviews. This will help them determine how long they may need on the day and provide a more accurate quote.

4. Notify Utility Companies

Let your utility company know you are moving and need to disconnect the utilities in your current home and connect them in your new home.

5. Change Your Address/Re-direct Mail

Change your address on any mail you currently receive. Also, have your mail redirected to your new address in case you have forgotten to contact anyone.

6. Obtain Moving Supplies

Make sure you have enough packing boxes and packing tape to pack all your belongings. There’s nothing worse than being in the middle of packing and running out of supplies.

7. Pack Non-essential Items

Start packing anything you won’t be using in the short term as soon as possible. This will help save you time closer to the move.

8. Organize Insurance

Make sure you have organized home and contents insurance for your new home.

9. Make arrangements for children and pets

Moving day can be busy so if possible arrange to have someone look after your children and pets. If you can focus solely on moving then you will finish a lot quicker!

10. Pack an Overnight Bag

Pack an overnight bag with anything you may need for your first night in your new home. Chances are at the end of moving day you may not have the time or energy to rummage through packing boxes looking for a toothbrush!

Hopefully, these tips will help alleviate some of the stress associated with moving and contribute to a moving day that runs smoothly.

This article was written in conjunction with Sydney Removalist Hire A Mover.

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