Many moving companies allow you to store furniture. It is aimed at people or companies that need a service of temporary removals and storage. How does this service work and how much does it cost?

How much does the storage service cost?

More than 30% of customers require a furniture storage service. For this reason, the moving companies have the options that cover all needs and are adapted to all pockets. Check the following table to know the rates and options that are usually offered.

Unit Size: 1st Month From
5′ x 5′ $1 FIRST MONTH’S RENT $59
5′ x 10′ $1 FIRST MONTH’S RENT $88
10′ x 10′ $1 FIRST MONTH’S RENT $115
10′ x 15′ $1 FIRST MONTH’S RENT $185
10′ x 18′ $1 FIRST MONTH’S RENT $195
10′ x 20′ $1 FIRST MONTH’S RENT $245

Save up to 40% on the cost of your move

Are you moving and need a deposit for your furniture? The best solution is to go to the professionals of the removals, who have quality stores and can advise on the best way. If you wish to contact us, fill out the form on our site, indicating your zip code and the type of moving you need. In order to consider the necessary moving options, you should indicate the type of your move and the furniture you need send to storage. In less than 15 minutes after sending the form we will call you back.

How does the furniture store in Ventura county work?

Resorting to a storage service is a good solution to organize the furniture of the home with ease. The furniture deposit is a box or container located inside a guarded warehouse or equipped with an alarm system or cameras. However, as can be seen in the table, as the rental period increases, the monthly costs are lower. The moving company offers you affordable rates that include the costs of moving and storage.

How to calculate how much space you need?

According to your storage needs there are different spaces that you can use. Usually they cover between 2′ and 20′. Containers with a volume of about 14′ can accommodate the furniture of a small apartment. An area of around 10′ is more suitable for people and companies that must store furniture, desks, work stations and files.
Usually the moving company tells you what store is the best for you. If you let them take care of the move, organize the furniture and boxes in the precise way they make the most of the available space.

Who can benefit from the service?

There could be a very short lapse between the move from previous house to the new one. When this happens, you must find a safe place for your furniture. It is also can be useful when you have to move abroad for a short period of time and do not want to take the furniture with you.
Our moving company will take care of the dismantling, packing and moving the furniture to temporary storage. It will be there until the needed period of time. In addition, our movers are ready to transport the furniture to its final destination – your new home.
Also, you can take care of packing and transporting your furniture and personal items to the store for yourself. It is a very useful service, especially when you only need to save some boxes for a short time.

How to find the moving and storage company that’s right for you?

We suggest you will choose a company you can trust. For this purpose, you should always verify that there are specific guarantees, in particular, there are safe, clean and moisture-free space. We must also offer security at a higher level and have a good fire prevention system.
Before signing the contract with a moving company, pay attention to the minimum required period of storage. In some cases, you have the possibility to rent a specific number of days. In others, you must pay a full month of this service. There are also companies that only ask you to cover the number of days that you used their services

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